Kettlebells: Tried, Tested, and True….and Here to Stay

Kettlebells: Tried, Tested, and True….and Here to Stay

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you” - Fred DeVito



How can these cast-iron weights help you? Let’s discuss some of the many reasons why kettlebell exercises can help you train better.


  1. A total body conditioning tool

     Kettlebells target all four areas of fitness: stability, mobility, strength and endurance. When you have this tool you don’t need to swap between different workout equipment to target different areas. You can count on this all-in-one functional tool to provide you with effective, full-body training.

  2. Improves stability and core strength

    Kettlebells can be used for explosive power which is a ballistic training style that maximizes acceleration. These movements require core strength and rely on abdominal muscles to stabilize the movement effectively. Because the kettlebell requires so much output of strength, power and stability it inadvertently targets the core without doing traditional crunches or other ab routines. Because of the natural shape and weight distribution of the kettlebell you are utilizing so much of your body to stabilize and use the tool effectively thus challenging many areas of your body. 

  3. A great cardio alternative

    When we think of cardio, we often think of the standard - running, jogging, burpees, and jumping jacks. These exercises can be extremely tough on your tissue and joints, typically leading to injuries that will impede your progress. The kettlebell is a great alternative tool for cardio training as well.  By changing the nature of your workout by increasing reps and decreasing rest time, the kettlebell is a great for burning fat, muscle endurance, cardiovascular health and increasing overall metabolism.

  4. Improves muscle imbalance and targets weakness

     With the proper form, kettlebells can target weak points in your strength and coordination. As you begin to implement the tool in your workouts, you will notice some areas or exercises where you need improvement - perhaps when you perform an exercise, you notice that your left side is substantially weaker than your right, maybe it shakes trying to stabilize or maybe you can’t perform the exercise as well on one side as you can on the other. The kettlebell will allow you to focus on the specific areas that you want to strengthen or that you never knew needed to be strengthened.  Think of what happens when you just sit on a exercise machine and move it through its fixed range of motion. You don’t have any of these stability demands there and also these machines take you through their motion whether your body has the movement capability or not. This can create problems and enhance imbalances rather than help address them.


When you hone in on weaknesses, you are working on building up strength in new muscle groups and thus becoming more durable or resilient to injuries in the process. More durability or resilience also means quicker recovery when injuries or setbacks do happen. Muscle or postural imbalance is normal, everybody has some degree of imbalance/weakness in their posture, but not everyone works hard to fix them. The kettlebell allows you to target areas that need strengthening. 


“It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger” - Unknown


Get in on The Only Fitness Tool You’ll Ever Need


Because the kettlebell is so versatile, at EPOCH we believe it is one of the only tools you need for a total body workout. It’s one of the only pieces of workout equipment we sell because we understand the true inherent benefits of it. Check out our cast iron kettlebells - they come in a range of weights starting at 8kg up to 36kg.


If you are looking to build lean muscle while boosting endurance, stability, burning fat, and increasing mobility and stability, look no further. Through varied kettlebell workouts - and with consistency and determination - you can reach your fitness goals. Target imperative areas such as the legs, core, shoulders and hands (for grip strength). With repetition and time, you begin to strengthen weaker areas of your body and you will begin to create a more durable version of you.


Ditch the idea that you need an entire at-home gym to get in shape. Invest in a kettlebell or two and you’re set! 

Kettlebells + dedication + time + consistency = results. It CAN be that simple. Learn more about how to Train Like an Athlete and why you need to Move More. Not sure where to begin your fitness journey? Book a one-on-one consultation with one of our team members from EPOCH today and get professional guidance on where YOU should start.

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