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Are you looking to make changes in your life? Whether they are related to new lifestyle, nutritional or health goals, finding a starting point can be difficult.

Maybe you feel stuck, bombarded with new information, unsure of what to prioritize - we’ve been there. That’s why we created Epoch’s personalized transformational strategies to help you qualify and quantify your unique needs and goals. We put the emphasis on your success, striving to ensure changes are attainable and sustainable.

Our process involves three key steps that create the foundation and roadmap of your plan.
  • Identify your needs.
  • Create actionable steps.
  • Live accountably.

We will also help connect you into our network of accredited professionals from a wide variety of disciplines to help you with specific areas of focus.

Are you ready to get started?

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“Often it isn’t what we think we need to change that is the problem… often it can be what we don’t think we need to change that is the problem.”

Find Awareness

You may have an idea of what you want to accomplish or improve, but there are many factors that encompass those changes. Being aware of these factors prevents you from being blindsided, and potentially discouraged, later on in your journey.

Our system begins with your initial FREE 15 Minute Consult (via zoom) in which we discuss your wants and needs.

Should you wish to continue with us, we will schedule time for an in depth questionnaire that will dive deeper into your goals. This deep dive works to bring awareness to factors that may not come up in the immediate present. Lastly, your needs analysis is generated and ranked to determine what is most important to you right now.

“Lack of information isn’t the problem anymore.”

Create Actionable Steps

After your needs analysis is determined, we will then work with you to break out your initial target areas.

You need to know how to:

get started effectively.

begin to build successful repetitions..

form continual habits.

sustain this success.

Together we will formulate simple, actionable steps that you can immediately plug into your daily life & routine.

"If you could do it, you would have done it already."

Live Accountably

Even though our world is more connected than ever, we may not always feel a sense of community. That feeling that we are working together for a greater good and, more specifically, feeling accountable to each other while building trust. When you begin this process with EPOCH we will schedule monthly coaching calls which will create accountability on a higher level. On each call, we will go through a process of reflection and review together, focusing on:
  • eliminating blockages or setbacks.
  • maintaining clarity on why you are working towards these goals.
  • discussing and relating progress and refocus when life makes things blurry.
  • ensuring long term improvement of newly created and actionable habits.

  • This level of accountability allows roles and responsibilities to be followed at a much higher success rate.

“Our goal is to have you no longer need us after a few sessions.”


We want you to begin to become independent - not dependent.


Ready for your change?

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