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Consistency for Nutritional Success

Discover how meticulous planning, consistent habits, and a mindset of flexibility and forgiveness can help you maintain consistency with your nutritional goals. Learn practical tips to stay on track, cultivate healthy habits, and navigate setbacks with grace on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Verified Grass Fed Is Better

Our goal was to create a pure and transparent Whey Protein Isolate by sourcing verified grass-fed whey material. We've worked tirelessly to achieve this and bring you the best product possible.

Making an Impact

We are delighted to announce that a portion of sales from our premium grass-fed whey will now be dedicated to supporting Second Harvest Canada.

Handle Stress.

We are impacted by chronic stress constantly - some we notice, some we don’t. Whether it’s work, life, or your cell phone, we can help you notice these stressors and stop becoming a victim to them. Learn how you can begin to manage the stress in your life.

Move More.

Our modern lifestyle has created limited demand for physical activity. Wanting to incorporate more movement into your daily life can be an intimidating hurdle to overcome - but it doesn’t have to be. We can help you find your way to moving more.

Empower Yourself


In a time where information overload can hinder progress, simply accumulating more tasks often leads to overwhelm and frustration rather than effective change.

Do you find yourself stuck in this cycle?

Explore our actionable articles for guidance on breaking free from barriers and achieving meaningful growth where it can be most impactful for you.


“If you think you don’t have time, that’s all the more reason to create time.”

From elite athletes to wellness professionals and business moguls, these inspirational true stories in the Live Durable Podcast will help you understand the importance of specific pillars of health, wellness & lifestyle change.