EPOCH Introduces 5lb Steel Clubs

EPOCH Introduces 5lb Steel Clubs

Club training has proven to have huge advantages for both shoulder mobility and range of motion. Many of us now lead sedentary lives - hunched over a work desk, slouched on the couch, and driving for hours each week - we are prone to something called ‘upper crossed syndrome’. The outcome of this is compromised posture where our head is leaning forward, shoulders are rounded, and neck, shoulder, and back muscles become tight.

 When someone begins to struggle with shoulder pain or discomfort, it can often be traced back spending time in suboptimal positions ie, poor posture. We adapt to the positions we spend the most amount of time in.  Club training can help get us to spend some time out of these positions and improve our alignment.

Why Clubs?

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint. The head of your humerus (upper arm bone) wants to stay centered in the shoulder joint. Due to increased demand in poor positions, our alignment of this joint can get out of whack. This is really no different than an axle and the alignment of wheels on a car. If they are out of whack, bad things can happen. Club training can improve the posture, stability and strength of this important joint.

This training tool is unique in its class, as the off-set weight allows you to constantly be shifting and then stabilizing your bodyweight which adds an added element of challenge to any training and workout routine. When you swing the steel club, it increases torque and force and by completing this rotating type of motion, we are strengthening our body.


Some more of the advantages of steel club training include:


●      Create anti-rotational stability

Spiral and rotational movements are part of our day-to-day movement, even if you don’t quite realize it. When we are shifting weight and rotating, we are constantly trying to stabilize and balance so we don’t tip over. The more we ‘catch’ ourselves before losing balance during rotation, the more strength and stability we develop.


●      Enhance core strength

The steel clubs can definitely target the core. Since the weight is displaced, it’s more difficult to stabilize. Through this weight displacement, you are activating your core and back muscles on a deeper level.


●      Increase shoulder mobility/stability

○      When you are training shoulders simply through a pull, push, or lateral motion, your shoulder is not being ‘stressed’, targeted or moved through its full range of motion. Steel club training is truly unique in that it incorporates movements that take your shoulder through all 3 planes of motion at once. Exposing your shoulders safely through all planes of motion, and not just staying in the same position all the time can also help combat degeneration of connective tissues, joint stability and muscular strength.


Why Train with Steel Clubs?

 If the aforementioned features and elements of steel club training weren’t enough, we’re here to help solidify any doubt that may be lingering. At EPOCH, we have been training with wooden and steel clubs for a long time, because we know first-hand the benefits it has for shoulder mobility, core strength, grip strength, mobility, and endurance. We are big believers in the club, and if you are serious about taking your fitness journey to the next level, we highly recommend giving our 5lb steel clubs a try. By accelerating and decelerating during club training you can load shoulder muscles, creating dynamic proprioceptive control that develops and strengthens your shoulders.


Last but not least, club training is fun! Unlike other conventional methods of exercise which can become mundane, repetitive, and boring over time, club training is uniquely challenging and enjoyable and will put your mobility and stability to the test.


Our roster of workout tools includes cast iron kettlebells as well as grass-fed protein powder. We take our health, fitness, and lifestyle seriously because we recognize that to experience ultimate well-being and fulfillment, not only do we need a positive mental outlook, but we also require a fine balance of both activity and nutrition. Stay up-to-date with what EPOCH has to say - check our ‘Live Durable’ podcast for insightful tips from expert guests on the value and gravity of healthy living. 

5lb Steel Clubs (Pair) - with free e-Book
Sale Price:CA$94.99 Original Price:CA$100.00
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