Listen to Your Body

Listen to Your Body

Our Bodies Speak the Truth 

Guest Author: Alexandra Cezak @alexa.ceza

We were given this body to express ourselves emotionally but when we start repressing or denying our emotions, that is when we start creating a toxic environment for ourselves; in our physical body. 

Most of us can agree and understand the affects stress has on us physically & emotionally, but most of us don’t actually truly understand how deep these consequences can go. 

When we are off balance and we keep storing negative emotions inside of our body, it will start to break down – PHYSICALLY! Suppressed negative emotions create an environment our bodies CANNOT handle.  When we are not willing to take care of our body or express the emotions we're feeling in a healthy way, our body will become overwhelmed and essentially start screaming to the outside world for HELP!

These negative emotions and stressors could come from anything that you are dealing with in your life, most common being WORK STRESS.

- Not being happy in the current job you are at.
- Not happy in the environment created there.
- Not happy with the kind of people you work with.
- Not happy with the personal matters that are occurring in your life. 

If we keep ignoring ourselves in that we ARE NOT doing well mentally and we keep storing these away these emotions, something will give over time.  Storing negative emotions as stress into our body is literally doing a dis-service to us, our body and all those in our life. 

Think about it this way...
Let’s say your car now has a small leak or tiny tear in the tire where it slowly is releasing air.  
If you ignore & avoid this seemingly small issue and just continue on, we all KNOW that that this will manifest itself into something much bigger.
The car will no longer work optimally until you fix that problem.
This is essentially what we do with ourselves when we truly ignore what we are going through, how we are feeling and what we can do to change it. 

We break ourselves down.

Now if you do understand this, BEAUTIFUL!!
The question is now, what are you willing to do about it? 

Most people nod their heads, agree and move on with their lives.


This is always what is easier.

It is easier to accept our predictable future based on the past and lead our lives based on comfort.
Unfortunately most of us don't truly know that this doesn’t change your life for the better. 
You stay right where you are - comfortable, not growing.

What happens to something that no longer is growing?

It leads to a lot of internal turmoil, discomfort, illnesses and disease.

If you are the one who is reading this and saying to yourself: 
“enough is enough. I am ready to let this go, understand why I keep doing this to myself and change in drastic ways.”

This is the first step into changing yourself and your body for the better.

I always tell my clients to start asking yourself questions..... because absolutely NO ONE knows better for what you need other than yourself.  Your truest most intelligent self inside of you, that most of us just ignore.

Start asking yourself questions like: 

“What is causing me stress?”
“Why am I feeling sadness/anger/resentment/frustration?”
“What can I do to release this and make me feel better?”
“What can I move towards to change this for me?”

Keep asking yourself questions and you will discover so much about yourself and what you need to do in order to start making happier and healthier changes for you and your body. 

Stress can have serious, drastic outcomes on our physical and mental health if not addressed!

I have had plenty of first-hand experiences with this unfortunately, one being a stroke at 17!
Yep, at 17 I had that much stress on myself that it led to my body screaming out for help because I was ignoring it. 

Knowing I had to be more honest with myself and my emotions, is when I finally put my foot down and told myself: 
“From this day, I will no longer pretend to be happy and that everything is under control when it’s not. If I can’t handle something, I will ask for help and if I can’t be around a certain situation or person, I will change this as well so that I won’t be in the situation or next to that person.”

From that point on, I have changed my life.
At times those certain stresses still come up but those are an opportunity for me to understand and create the change I must.
If my physical health starts getting involved, I really make sure I get conscious of what I am deciding to be unconscious of and take the steps I need to do to change it. 

Miraculously, this always leads to my body healing itself and getting rid of the physical symptom once I identify & remove the unnecessary stress that I keep denying.

You must be super honest with yourself and always prioritize your mental and physical health first & foremost.

Without you and your vehicle of a body, you won’t accomplish all the things you want in this life. 

You won’t be able to achieve the things that you dream about, nor will you experience as much as you could. 

If you have a physical symptom, do what you must in terms of contacting a medical professional immediately.

I also HIGHLY recommend getting in contact with someone who is comprehensive in the holistic way of healing.
These trained professionals can help us integrate our mind & body for total immersive healing.

Please never ignore your symptoms if your body is asking for help. 

Peace, love & light always,

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