Get Back on Track

Get Back on Track

Use the SMART Method to Help Put Your Fitness Goals Into Motion

Apply These 5 Elements Together WIth Consistency and Achieving Your Fitness Goals Becomes Possible


Powering toward your fitness goals can come with an element of uncertainty, especially if the exercise landscape is an unfamiliar one. To fine-tune your fitness goals and put them into motion, you must first have a clear objective, a target, an ‘end-game’ in mind. Whether you intend to lose weight, increase energy, build strength and boost confidence in the fitness realm, taking actionable and measurable steps toward these will allow you to get there. Secondly, you must have the proper tools that will help propel you towards your goals.


“A goal without a plan is a daydream” - Nathaniel Branden


So, what is the ‘SMART’ method and what are the 5 elements? This method helps you develop important steps in goal-setting and allows you to hone in on them. Here are 5 components that are integral to goal setting and achieving whatever it is that you want:


●      Specific

○      Vague and arbitrary goals can be considered ‘bad goals.’ Sure, you can simply say ‘I want to lose weight’, but that is a very general statement and is not unique to you. Being as specific as possible will help you better traverse this new journey and the narrower you can be in ciphering your goals, the quicker you can reach them in the most effective way possible. Having a solid baseline will set a benchmark that guides you in the right direction. 

■      I.e.: Desire to lose weight | total pounds I want to lose | objective is 2 pounds lost per week |goal to be reached in 6 months | end goal is to run 10k race in one year

●      Measurable 

○      For your goals to be measurable they have to be quantifiable; meaning you have to be able to gauge your progress. What is your metric? If your goal is to lose a total of 40 pounds, your metric may be ‘pounds lost per week’. Measurability is a key factor in working toward your end goal. 


●      Attainable 

○      Ensuring your fitness goals are realistic given your ‘specificity’ and ‘measurability’ will ensure that you have every opportunity to attain them. You cannot set your goal to a degree that is completely and totally out of reach, as this is not feasible. When it comes to weight loss, research suggests that a 1-2 pounds per week goal is attainable and the healthiest. When you are realistic about your fitness journey, it makes reaching goals more attainable. 


●      Relevant

○      To truly attain whatever goals you are setting for yourself, you have to make sure that you are wanting to achieve these goals for yourself. Not for someone who told you to do it, not because you feel societal pressure to do so, but because you truly want to. If increasing strength and boosting energy is more important than weight loss, focus on what you really want to work at bettering; stay ‘relevant’ to you. 


●      Timely

○      Part of goal-setting is having a timeline of where you want to be and by when. If your goal is to lose weight, knowing that you can lose 1-2 pounds per week, can help you create a simple timeline to follow. 


These five imperative components help guide you toward a) reaching your goals, b) creating an objective, and c) motivating you to stay on track while being cognizant of priorities and keeping in mind what’s important. 


You Have Complete Control 


“Begin with the end in mind” - Steven Covey


Remember these three nouns: awareness, action and accountability. You cannot take action if you are unaware and you cannot take full accountability if you don’t take action; they bleed into each other and very much depend on the adherence of one to ensure the other. Understanding that you have the capacity and capability to achieve your intentions is essential because when you can see it, you become it. It’s the law of attraction and recognizing that your goals are achievable gives you solace that your journey will, indeed, pay off. 


EPOCH is a big believer that change is possible with the proper tools and guidance, and offers ‘personalized transformational strategies’. If you’re ready for transformation, get in touch with EPOCH today. Through a 15 minute one-on-one consultation, we’ll be able to narrow down your fitness objectives to create a fitness plan that works for you. Make your change now!

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