A Healthy and Balanced Alternative for Complete Nutrition

A Healthy and Balanced Alternative for Complete Nutrition

Individuals of all Ages - Kids to Adults - Can Benefit from Clean Protein

Have you taken a glance at the ingredients on children’s ‘nutrition’ shakes? Well, it’s scary.

 While these beverages are designed to support the needs of a growing child, and the advertising is great at convincing us of such, there is more to it than the eye can see. Kids can be picky eaters, but does that mean we need to resort to these questionable children's shakes as a substitute?

 Did you know that sugar makes up approximately 30% of common children’s nutrition shakes? Take a look at the ingredient list of this very common children's supplemental beverage:

 Water, Sugar, Corn Maltodextrin, Milk Protein Concentrate, High Oleic, Safflower Oil, Canola Oil, Soy Protein Isolate. Less than 0.5% of the Following: Short-Chain, Fructooligosaccharides, Natural & Artificial Flavor, Cellulose Gel, Potassium Chloride….. The list goes on and it’s not pretty.

 Are you comfortable with your child’s growing minds and bodies digesting and metabolizing these ingredients? We need to be diligent with what we give our growing children because it will directly affect them as adults. If we provide low-quality, questionable foods to our kids, we aren’t providing a solid foundation for a healthy future. 


Clean, Transparent Protein

If you are familiar with EPOCH protein then you already know that it is made of just seven simple ingredients with no added sugar, colours, flavours, gluten or GMO elements. And if you’re new here, welcome! Our grass-fed protein powder is a whey isolate protein sourced from the milk of Ireland cows. It packs a whole lot of nutrition in a single serving and is a great source of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The nutrition profile for EPOCH protein ensures that there is none of the ‘bad’ stuff and only the most essential elements to your dietary needs. 


Why is Grass-Fed Better?

 There are many elements that make grass-fed whey protein not only better for you, but better for the environment and the cows it is derived from. Some of these include: 

●      Contains a higher amount of omega-3 fatty acids

○      Good for heart health and reducing inflammation 

●      Vitamin E 

○      Vital to reproduction, brain health, healthy blood, and vision) 

●      Vitamin D

○      Improves overall mood and can be especially beneficial for those who struggle with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

●      Regenerative Agriculture

○      Grass Fed cows are an important part of the environmental ecosystem. They are able to transfer the energy passed on from the sun, to the grass and break it down so we can utilize it

●      Free of hormones and antibiotic 

○      Cows are not treated with harmful elements that are commonly used in food production 

●      ‘Complete’ protein

○      Whey isolate protein is considered ‘the cream of the crop’ in the protein powder world if you’re looking to maximize muscles growth and repair

With the optimal amount of proteins, you will feel better about reaching your fitness goals in the healthiest way possible. 


The Importance of Brand Transparency

 No one likes lies and secrets, and no one wants to be deceived, including us at EPOCH. Our grass-fed protein is derived from happy cows that graze the lush fields of Ireland. They are NOT from certain other places where cows graze at a maximum of 100 days per year and then are transferred to indoor facilities for year-round corn and grain grazing in confined areas. 

 A lot of other products will use loose terminology in order to market to you. Some products will advertise as “grass fed” solely based on if a cow grazes on the grass at some point in its life. Did you know that some products will even advertise as “New Zealand Whey” even though the material has just passed through New Zealand and may not have even come from there?

Deception at its finest. This is why we fought to know exactly where our whey material was being sourced from. We know it’s important to you.

 When cows are pasture-raised, they become an important part of the agricultural system. They play an important role in the environmental system from the sun, to the grass, to the soil. We will expand on this more in a future article.

 To truly know that your protein powder comes from happy cows, you must do your due-diligence and look into where these cows live, that’s where it all starts.


We value nutrition and believe it is absolutely pivotal for transformation and goal-setting. When you eat better, you feel better. When you feel better, you have the stamina, desire, and determination to reach whatever goal it is you are setting for yourself. Limitation is only a facade that needs to be broken down and re-structured so you can come back stronger and more committed than ever before. If you are serious about making a change, get in touch with EPOCH - we can help you take action and navigate the steps involved in making a change today.

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